I don’t get these gaming sites anymore. The gaming magazine is slowly dying out, and one day, it may be gone altogether. While Egon Spengler once said “print is dead”, it’s not hard to find potential accuracy in that statement in the ease of finding information in the digital age.

I have my own personal favorite gaming sites. I read IGN from the Nintendo 64 days of the min 1990’s to just a few years ago. I loved the site, and visited it daily.

Until that last style change.

The site has become much harder to navigate, and archived news and reviews seem to be pure luck, or direct online searches in finding past news or something that I want to reference. From easy to navigate and quick bouncing back and forth from platform specific sites to one giant unorganized mess, I eventually stopped going unless some other site directly referenced an article that I access from a link.

In short: I loved IGN, but their horrid new site layout of the last few years has caused me to quit visiting. That new site designer seriously ripped the company off.

Imagine my disappointment when Kotaku has recently done the same. The new format is apparently designed by a madman who has no idea of how to make good use of visual space, or wants to decrease its readership to save internet bandwidth space.

Fortunately, the Canadian version of Kotaku has not delved into the same bad taste of us in the States. But for how long? When you make a site unreadable due to poor content navigation and site layout, there’s a problem.

Currently, I still read Joystiq and GoNintendo (and Canadian Kotaku), but I feel like I’m starting to run out of “good” sites. Does any of my readership have some good general gaming news sites that they find entertaining and User/community friendly? I would appreciate any suggestions, from current news to vintage gaming.

Open your discussions in the feedback sections. Maybe we will all get a few good sites out of this.

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