Knowing me, I’m always on the hunt for old games from my youth.

Fun fact: About 3 years ago, I won a very nice Apple //c from eBay in great working order. With it, I found a few connections to purchase games that were still sealed in box, and in equally as great of shape. Who knew people would be sitting on these things for 25-30 years?

While I’ve not gotten into more of the “Collector” games, I was able to get a few of the old Sierra Classics, a few arcade games, as well as some titles like Oregon Trail. It’s amazing what you can find, but due to low security on the Apple (you could break the code, load the program, and copy it to a new disk like it was nothing), people will sell copies they created versus the actual retail disk. I figure if I’m going to collect, I may as well go for the authentic copies.

While I haven’t purchased anything in a while, and I still haven’t rounded out my collection fully, it doesn’t mean that I’m still not on the hunt. It was in a recent thread that I found this site: Virtual Apple ][.

While most modern gamers would likely scoff at the primitive music and graphics, it was more advanced than both the Atari and Intellivision. Going through the list (they have a lot, but they don’t have it all), I was reminded by the sheer number of adventure and RPG titles, as well as a collection of educational titles that were actually fun. Yes. “Fun”.

Most of these titles are considered “abandonware”, and it’s sad to see these games were cut loose into the digital wild to be forgotten, but this site certainly gave all of these wayward programs a home, and there are a few titles that still have a playable charm to them.

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