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Apple Games of Yesteryear.

Knowing me, I’m always on the hunt for old games from my youth.

Fun fact: About 3 years ago, I won a very nice Apple //c from eBay in great working order. With it, I found a few connections to purchase games that were still sealed in box, and in equally as great of shape. Who knew people would be sitting on these things for 25-30 years?

While I’ve not gotten into more of the “Collector” games, I was able to get a few of the old Sierra Classics, a few arcade games, as well as some titles like Oregon Trail. It’s amazing what you can find, but due to low security on the Apple (you could break the code, load the program, and copy it to a new disk like it was nothing), people will sell copies they created versus the actual retail disk. I figure if I’m going to collect, I may as well go for the authentic copies.

While I haven’t purchased anything in a while, and I still haven’t rounded out my collection fully, it doesn’t mean that I’m still not on the hunt. It was in a recent thread that I found this site: Read the rest of this entry

Yoostar 2 Finally Allows For Those Acting Dreams.

While I’ve said in the past that I wish Kinect would get off the “Wii Too” library of knock-offs, it seems my dreams may be coming true:

Yoostar 2 looks like the greatest party game to ever exist (for me). I can not wait to start hamming it up with these movie and TV clips, and Lord, I hope they start doing add-ons for other movies. The potential of this looks to be a perfect successor to all of those Rock Band marathons at my get=togethers….

Intellivision Lives!: Post-Script.

I’m one of those “old” gamers. I’ve been playing video games for over 30 years, which is a little startling in itself, and as much as my friends deride me for it (though I’ll never understand why), I still like playing the “old” game.

I’m sure there’s a good chunk of my readership that wasn’t alive during the first great “Console War”. Not Nintendo Vs. Sega, but Atari Vs. Intellivision.

Intellivision was a weird beast. The first real competition for the mega-popular Atari, and unconventional advertising campaign featuring journalist George Plimpton, and a very long run as far as game systems go (1979-1991). While it didn’t have the licensed fervor that Atari had, it did have a lot of Mattel licenses (Masters of the Universe), Tron, Dungeons & Dragons, and a majority of the popular arcade titles of the time. It also had Imagic as a third-party developer, which had some truly creative games on the system. And then there was Activision during its heyday.

What’s surprising about Intellivision is that it still truly lives. While Mattel no longer supports the console, the original developers still do. Classic gaming compilations are nothing new, but are near Read the rest of this entry

The Want To Like CES.

I went to CES this last week. I would have done day by day coverage, but outside of being instantly busy once my day ended, and up to this evening, there was a reason why.

I briefly went to CES in 2005. I didn’t have much time to explore, but I remember the tiniest bit of gaming stuff there. Mind you, this is no E3, but I knew this wasn’t going to be like those old issues of Nintendo Power and Electronic Gaming Monthly, tantalizing me with the upcoming year’s gaming goodness. But with a name like Consumer Electronics Show, you would expect the name to include some video gaming into that definition.

What was defined as video gaming was this: Cases for Wii, DS, PS3, 360 consoles, cases for Wii, DS, PS3, 360 controllers, iPhone and iPad cases, and a kiosk promoting Play With Me.Com, a site where you can play games with attractive women (to credit, the British girl I played Tic-Tac-Toe against was indeed highly cute, and I was given a 50 play token gift card – which may make for an amusing article on here down the line).

Sony had video images of PS3 games, but Read the rest of this entry

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