Do you remember those “big” Christmases of days past, where it meant a new system, or some game that you were holding your breath for, and December 25th was the big moment of truth?

In Christmas of 1979, I got the Atari 2600, which I thought was amazing. Seriously. Games that could be played on the TV? It’s funny to think what is such a “normal” thing now was such a big deal back then.

I still remember my “mega game” Christmas of 1988. Super Mario Bros. 2 and Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest for the NES, and Phantasy Star, Miracle Warriors, and Ghost House for the Sega Master System.

Christmas 1992 was Super Star Wars for the Super Nintendo. I think I locked myself in my room that day and did nothing else.

Imagine my surprise when the missus surprised me with my first big “Gaming Christmas” in years. I got a Kinect with Kinect Sports, Dance Central, and Dance Masters.

While I got some “hands on” time with Kinect last month, I’m still amazed by the voice commands and facial recognition, and the sensing of the whole body as opposed to just a hand. Of course Kinect Sports is just a beefed up Wii Sports, but playing with the whole body is a lot more satisfying.

And the photos and videos the games make are often funny. My favorite was a video of me beating a guy senseless in boxing, then the next video cut showing me passed out on the couch, exhausted. I found the transition to be particularly hilarious.

I’m hoping Kinect, like Wii, will evolve soon past the “mini/party game” genres, and give us meatier gaming experiences. But more of them instead of rarities. I also hope Dance Central will provide more of a broad music experience via DLC instead of the “Uh, What, In Da Club” majority songlist it currently has.

All in all, however, I’m having great fun.

So tell me readers, how did this holiday turn out good for your gaming sensibilities? Or better yet, which was your best gaming “holiday score” from the past?

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