Geez, is it Christmas already?

Well, tomorrow, anyway. Therein lies why I haven’t been posting as much lately. I only finished up shopping just yesterday, and everything else has been holiday related whatever. I’m a bit surprised that I’m looking up and December is already over.

I’m typing this listening to the excellent Tron Legacy soundtrack via Daft Punk. I really need to see the film again before it leaves theaters, considering how much hype I’ve given the thing for the past two years.

There’s a ton of gaming subjects I’ve wanted to cover. Everything from Epic Mickey to X-Men Arcade. There are also upcoming discussions about my annoyance with store exclusive content for games, my gaming mindset these days, and a few more subjects. I find myself retreating more to retro gaming, indie titles, and RPGs, and it’s surprising (to me) that I’m becoming more set in these genres instead of exploring a little bit of everything like I used to. Maybe it’s a bad thing. Maybe it’s a good thing for the state of my wallet. If anything, I’ve still yet to mention my “Best Of/Worst Of” list.

Quite the year, 2010. With the excellent content found on Xbox Live Arcade, Nintendo’s return to numerous classic franchises, a handful of fun gaming events, and my cult favorite movie getting a top-notch sequel, I’m a happy camper this year.

At any rate, Merry Christmas (or whatever your holiday of choice this time of year), and I’ll be back in a few days.

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