I was asked by my newest visitor/reader “NinSage” to share an online survey about the definition of “Hardcore” gaming.

It’s an interesting thought, the whole concept of “hardcore”. I actually do consider myself as such because of various reasons, which include: Working in the gaming industry for nearly a decade, I research and collect older games and consoles for fun, my collection is fairly huge and diverse in genres and companies, I’ve attended several gaming conventions for business and fun, and I own an arcade machine. Those are a small sampling or reasons why I feel I am “hardcore”. It has nothing to do with HD, or playing gritty space marines in FPS games. If that’s the general consensus of the term, than I am certainly not that, though I have frequently participated in both.

“Hardcore” to me means more to do with competition, both as a team and against each other, ability to succeed and progress in the game, the style and bravado one can bring to the game while doing it, and of course, racking up massive points in doing so. Honestly, the games that frequented the arcades and consoles 20-30 years ago, as well as these neo-retro titles coming out on downloadable services are more along my lines of the “hardcore” definition.

But here’s the survey I was mentioning. It says it takes 10-15 minutes, but I didn’t think it took that long (Yes, I took it myself to make sure everything is fair and square before posting). It’s for educational purposes, so if you’d like to contribute your voice to the study, here you go.

If you are willing to help further gaming research, your post would only have to include 6 pieces of information:
A) It advances gaming research.
B) The survey is entirely online.
C) It takes about 10-15 minutes.
D) It’s entirely anonymous.
E) It’s entirely voluntary.
F) The link to take the survey is: http://www.buffalo.edu/~jl298/

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