Considering that I completed this some time ago, I’d be remiss in saying I’m a little late to the game (as it were) for this write-up.

Batman as a video game icon has had it very good of late, same as the Wii as been enjoying a nice stable of traditional 2D side-scrollers. Fortunately, both of these tropes remain in full effect in Batman: Brave and the Bold.

I personally think the show this game is based on is brilliant. Younger Batfans may not get the seemingly “corny” references, and that it doesn’t seem as “authentic” as Batman Begins or The Dark Knight. If you were a fan of Batman before the last decade’s two great films, you’ll “get” this show so much better. It references art styles, storylines, comic covers, the 1960’s TV show…. It is rife with Batman history, and easily the most loving homage to the character that I have ever seen.

In that respect, the video game is a loving homage to the show which lovingly homages the Batman mythos.

This is four new episodes of the show, complete with Batman and ally taking out a random villain, the show’s opening title, and then springing directly into the “episode”. It plays well, and flows well, complete with expository dialogue, solid writing, great voice work (I’m absolutely convinced “Bat-Bot” is voiced by Adam West), and is animated well, courtesy of WayForward (developers of the lovely A Boy and His Blob). In short, the game has got a lot going for it.

It’s a fun 2D side-scrolling brawler. Batman and friend (Robin, Blue Beetle, Hawkman, and Guy Gardner) pound the fool out of everyone in their way, and there are a ton of villains, from popular to obscure, to wage crimefighting against. Also added to the mix are a varied collection of support characters that act as summons, and round out Batman’s team. It’s all very diverse and clever.

There are some rough areas, however. The between level cut-scenes are static, unlike the nicely animated intros and outros, which throws off the flow. Taking a cue from the LEGO games, you can’t die. I don’t mean this in the “there are no obstacles” sense, but if you’re familiar with the LEGO games, and how they mildly penalize for death, the same principle applies here.

It’s also a short game, as in 5-7 hours. But “short” is merely subjective. A game that worked like this in the 1980’s or 1990’s, we wouldn’t have been bothered. But as I wrote in a previous article, how short is “too short” these days? This is a very leisurely cruise through a story driven brawler. That’s not to say that it’s boring, or there isn’t some diversity in the mix, such as weapon upgrades, or a shooter level against Starro. If you’re just here to interact with 4 new episodes of the show, then that’s exactly what you’ll get.

While nowhere near as dark, gritty, or complex as the brilliant Batman: Arkham Asylum, this is still a fun outing and another quality romp for the restored Mantle of the Bat, that adds no tarnish to his newfound video game reputation.

Short, fun, easy to digest, and relatively low-priced for the wallet. Take it for what it is, and a good time is insured.

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