Now that I’ve gone a little deeper into Super Meat Boy, I feel it necessary to chronicle more of my experiences here.

As I said, the game is rewarding. You earn the level completions that you get. The third level in trying to secure the double jumping Ogmo literally made me exhale a huge sigh of relief, and thank everything, as my hands were cramping from the multiple tries. That was one of the meanest levels I have ever played, and yet instead of getting frustrated, I began to view the level like a puzzle. It’s a matter of timing, reflexes, and in some cases, pure dumb luck. But then, many of my level experiences have consisted of this:

*splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope.


*splat* $#!+.

One of the things that I’ve come to enjoy is that there are (in some cases) multiple ways to beat a level. While there is a definite, set path, there are a few rewarding areas for thinking outside the box to get to the goal. In one level, I managed to avoid the traps entirely by positioning myself to let the traps pass by, then bounce through the stage with no real danger. In other instances, I’ve bounced around on the outside of the stage to reach my goal.

But it surprises me how deep this game truly is. In other instances, Bandage Girl will twitch and spin around in some instances after multiple deaths (ten, maybe? I’m not sure). Collecting her in this twitchy state opens up more levels in a “Glitch Zone”. While I didn’t fare too well here, between the Warp Zones, Dark World, “Teh Internets” stages and now this, the number of levels provided are simply staggering, and you begin to see how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

I’ve found my time with Super Meat Boy frustrating, yet infinitely rewarding. While not on WiiWare, my Wii readers will have a blast checking this one out, but patience is a recommended facet, as this game will have no problem torching you like a sadistic kid with ants and a magnifying glass.

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