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Yes, I know, another Tron post, but I do like to add a “personal” touch to my writings here, and this entry has a LOT to do with video gaming in general.

After a business meeting in Los Angeles, I decided to stop by Disneyland on the way home. The attraction ElecTRONica opened up at California Adventure, and that’s too alluring to me not to check it out when so close in the area.


It’s crazy enough that upon entering the area, I’m spotlight scanned by a Recognizer who declares: “This program has no disc. Another stray.”

At this point, I’m set into a world full of neon lights, glowing drinks, a full sensory 3D preview of Tron Legacy, and more Daft Punk than one can humanly endure. So much Daft Punk.

Quite simply, it was too much awesome packed into one place.

And then I see this:

Flynn’s Arcade is a marvel. The second you walk in, it’s like getting thrown into some pocket universe where the 1980’s are right now. The arcade machines are in fantastic condition, the music is non-stop Journey, Michael Jackson, Go-Gos and more, and I immediately felt those feelings of excitement that my six year old Read the rest of this entry

Super Meat Boy Impressions.

Those who are long-time readers on here know that I love 2D platformers. Actually, let me rephrase that: I LOVE 2D platformers. After months of hype, Super Meat Boy has finally been released.

While originally a WiiWare eclusive, I ended up picking up the later announced XBLA version. I do have to admit, however, that this is a perfect “Nintendo console” game, and again, to rephrase, this is a perfect NES console game, as it is “Nintendo Hard”.

The similarities to the NES Super Mario Bros., Castlevania, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden series, as well as Sunsoft’s Batman are not lost on me. Each of these titles demanded precise jumps, pixel-perfect landings, wall jumps, know when to run, walk or fall, over a particularly nasty gap, and were just downright mean in general. Super Meat Boy is a mean game.

And yet, it’s not frustrating to me. In fact, the NES-era version of me was all too programmed on how to handle these obstacles, and things haven’t changed on how I approach them: It’s only a matter of finding the right combination to survive. It will likely make lesser, untrained gamers cry, but to me, it’s Read the rest of this entry

Marvel Celebrates Tron.

You knew I wouldn’t stop talking about Tron, didn’t you?

Apparently, Marvel isn’t stopping either, as referenced by these Tron inspired heroes.

So this Marvel/Disney merger may have some merit after all.

Next up, impressions about Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

Why Do People Hate Achievements?

Within the last week, a gamer made 500,000 Gamerscore on the Xbox 360.

Granted, that’s pretty crazy. I have around 17,000, but I can’t even imagine the playtime needed to achieve such a goal. And the guy looks like he has a pretty normal life outside of gaming which further adds to the mystery of how he accomplished this.

What I understand even less is the seeming hatred towards the whole “achievement” idea. You can find a lot of these discussions of message boards and forums, and moreso from the pro-Nintendo mindset. I don’t mean Nintendo fans in general, just the ones that believe that Nintendo is incapable of doing no wrong, and even the most perplexing of decisions are part of “Nintendo’s Master Plan” that somehow only they are privvy to understanding, which the gaming community is left scratching their heads.

Granted, the whole concept of “gamer points” is still a relatively new concept for this generation. Microsoft started it, and Sony later integrated it into their system, and I strongly believe that it would be in Nintendo’s best interests to integrate a similar system into their next console. But to oppose or “hate” the concept, is Read the rest of this entry

Happy 25th, Nintendo Entertainment System.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the North American release of the NES today, I decided to post a pic of my original system, along with a few old friends.

The sticker was from my days of being a Nintendo Fun Club member.

Yes, I’m that old. Shut up.

Halloween Gaming.

Considering that I have gaming ornaments on my Christmas tree, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I would find a way to bring the hobby to one of my other favorite holidays, as evidenced by my lawn:

How can you not love this?

A lot of online places have this lasted as $100, but I found it at Wal-Mart for $50, so shop wisely.

I do like the little bit of “oomph” it adds to the festivities, though I would have appreciated a fourth ghost.

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