If you don’t know who Mr. Bill is, then you weren’t around in the 1970’s/early 1980’s.

Back from the actual classic days of Saturday Night Live, Mr. Bill was a clay character who usually ran afoul of some torture perpetrated by the evil Sluggo and Mr. Hand. Low-brow comedy at its best.

Inexplicably, Capcom has decided to make a game of this character some 30 years later is a surprisingly addictive title, Mr. Bill.

What the Hell. I’m a bit of a minor sadist, and it was 99 cents to launch Mr. Bill through traps and obstacles to reach the finish line. There’s even a “Zombie Mode” coming just in time for Halloween.

Why someone would jump on the licensing train for Mr. Bill is just as puzzling as to how this game is as catchy as it is. I admit to chuckling maliciously as Mr. Bill screamed his trademark “Oh nooooooooo” as he got dismembered, melted, splatted, and everything else, but again, low-brow humor. For 99 cents.

Surprisingly addictive, and fun to get people to stare at you in public as you kill a little clay man over and over and over.

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