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Third Left 4 Dead Issue.

The third issue of the Left 4 Dead comic can be found on this splash page.

This entry touches on some of Francis’ past, which is more amusing than informative.

Next week is the final issue, as well as the new Sacrifice DLC.

I’m looking forward to this next installment, though I’ve not seen any clever trailers about it via The Passing.

Still, if one needs a reason to kill more zombies….

Oh No, It’s Mr. Bill?

If you don’t know who Mr. Bill is, then you weren’t around in the 1970’s/early 1980’s.

Back from the actual classic days of Saturday Night Live, Mr. Bill was a clay character who usually ran afoul of some torture perpetrated by the evil Sluggo and Mr. Hand. Low-brow comedy at its best.

Inexplicably, Capcom has decided to make a game of this character some 30 years later is a surprisingly addictive title, Mr. Bill.

What the Hell. I’m a bit of a minor sadist, and it was 99 cents to launch Mr. Bill through traps and obstacles to reach the finish line. There’s even a “Zombie Mode” coming just in time for Halloween.

Why someone would jump on the licensing train for Mr. Bill is just as puzzling as to how this game is as catchy as it is. I admit to chuckling maliciously as Mr. Bill screamed his trademark “Oh nooooooooo” as he got dismembered, melted, splatted, and everything else, but again, low-brow humor. For 99 cents.

Surprisingly addictive, and fun to get people to stare at you in public as you kill a little clay man over and over and over.

Second Left 4 Dead Issue.

This link to Part 2 focuses on Zoey’s origins.

I’ll get back into my regular posting groove shortly. I had food poisoning for half a week, and it’s taking me a while to recover, and get everything else back in order.

Thoughts on the story so far?

Left 4 Dead Comic Begins.

The tale that begins to bridge the storyline between the two games begins here.

Second part comes out next week.

So far so good, in my opinion.

Random Thought of the Day.

If there ever needs to be a random gaming crossover, I want to see Shadowgate Vs. Battletoads. Largely because the sub-title could be awesome: “Kicking Ass and Taking Brains”.

If someone ever exploits the mutant toads fighting in a castle where death is around every corner idea, let me know. Also, don’t forget to send me my check.

Super Mario at 25.

Geez, all I’ve been doing is writing about gaming milestones and anniversaries, but like Pac-Man‘s earlier event this year, this one can’t be missed.

Today is the Japanese anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. series. I say “Super Mario”, instead of “Mario” because Mario himself has been around since 1981.

I didn’t get my NES until my 12th birthday in 1987. I remembered seeing the game in the arcades, but was amazed how finally the accurate experience was recreated at home.

Favorite memories of the series? The first time I beat the original game. I could clear everything else, but not get through World 8. My parents told me that if I couldn’t beat the game, I wouldn’t get Super Mario Bros. 2 for Christmas. I beat it that day. Super Mario Bros. 3, I waited forever for after seeing screens in that early Gamepro, and remembering those great Nintendo Power strategy guides. There was also Super Mario 64, which amazed me as Mario could run to a tree in the distance and not only climb it, but do a handstand and backflip off of it. Super Mario RPG was amazing to me as it Read the rest of this entry

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