I’ve been doing the “gaming blog” thing for a while now. Over the years, I’ve gotten a small, but regular readership that would usually comment on my posts, but more importantly, provide me some new reading material on the hobby.

I’ve noticed more and more this year that my “regulars” have disappeared. Not so much from lack of interest, but just in general. With the exception of one blogger who still posts as regularly as I do, and another gaming blogger that has returned to the fold, the gaming blogosphere has seemed to disappeared. 4-5 of my favorite blogs haven’t updated since the beginning of Summer. Others longer.

What happened?

A lot of my regular reads just stopped without a “I’m bored/I’m busy/I’m quitting” post, and while it doesn’t affect my own interest in wanting to post content, I do have to admit that I miss the network of fellow bloggers.

On the same token, I’ve gotten a few new readers stepping out and making comments on my blog. In that regard, “Hello!” Feel free to “follow” me if you’d like to. Don’t be shy.

At any rate, this was more just a inquiry post as to what happened to all my fellow writers, and to see if you’ll be coming back one day, or if you’ve hung up the writing interests these days.

If anything, your absence is noticed.

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