With the weekend over, and friends flying back home, I can finally update on my experiences at the Classic Gaming Expo. that wrapped up in Vegas.

The event was smaller than I thought (though the economy and missing the last two years had something to do with it), it was still great fun, with about a thousand things that I wanted to own (one day, Atari Lynx. One day….). I did however, score a few treats:

Yes, you’re seeing that correctly: Someone made a homebrew of Halo for the Atari 2600.

There were a lot of games there, both original classics that I hadn’t seen in years, and a surprising number of homebrew titles.

The homebrew version of Atari 2600’s Pac-Man is a vastly improved version of the retail original.

As well as those Atari “porn” titles that came out back and the day. Fun fact: The games themselves actually came in little leather cases with a lock on them so that young hands wouldn’t be playing as horribly disfigured Lego duck creatures that were supposed to pass off as humans and their various, er, “naughty bits”.

There was also a row of classic arcade games, with a lot of titles that you don’t usually see, such as Ataxx, Carnival, Crazy Climber, Q*Bert’s Qubes, and Mouse Trap. Austin-based video game band, Descendants of Erdrick, was also playing throughout the show.

Across the hall was a museum, which had various systems and artifacts from gaming gone by:

(These two Star Wars games never came out for the Intellivision.)

(Yes, Yar’s Revenge fly spray.)

(Contrary to current belief, Wii Fit was not the beginning of the video game exercise revolution.)

I didn’t get a chance to attend too many of the forums, but I did attend Intellivision’s 30th anniversary Q&A session, which I found really interesting. The programmers had a lot of love for their old titles, and it was was interesting to see how the industry worked in their day as opposed to my own time. I think I ended up more at the tail end of the “fun” days before everything turned more corporate. They also apparently loved their Bi-planes tournaments:

This is a small sampling of the games and events I saw. While I wish that I had seen the bigger shows, I had a lot of fun, met some really nice people and certainly hope there’s an event to attend next year, as I would love to see the things that I missed out this last time (and buy a Lynx, finally).

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