When I completed Bioshock 2, I felt the series needed to end on that note, as I referred to it as an “impossible sequel”: One that shouldn’t be made, and yet, beat the conventions and actually turned out to be a satisfying sequel, er, prequel.

Upon completion of Bioshock 2, I made a note that a third game shouldn’t be made, and Rapture shouldn’t be explored again.

And yet they did. Making it another prequel (so the chronological timeline is Infinite, Bioshock 2, then Bioshock), and while no longer bound to the oceanic Rapture, we’re taken to the city in the sky, Columbia.

And darn it all if I’m not intrigued yet again.

2K Games seems to know what they’re doing: Another utopian city gone to Hell. Another Big Daddy type monster running around, and this time, a new partner. Will this game be another excellent entry? Will I still be saying “No more” at the conclusion of this game and bow out to purchase the next installment anyway?

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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