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Preparing For Metroid: Other M.

So I expect to be playing Metroid: Other M soon.

I have mixed feelings, anticipation and trepidation for this one.

The reviews have been mixed for this title. Some say it’s good. Others say it’s a disappointment. All say it’s different. Many say the story and dialogue are just plain awful. So I’m hesitant and curious to check it out.

From a personal standpoint, I’m a little nervous to play it on my system. I haven’t played a lot of retail titles on my Wii this year after the multiple botched repair jobs I got from that offsite repair service Nintendo uses. After wiping my data and repeatedly getting a slew of disc-mangling consoles, I’m admittedly gun shy to see if my latest iteration will actually work properly or not. But I suppose that I need to “get over it” eventually, right?

Regardless, I still remember my first time playing the original Metroid. It was the Summer of 1988 over at a freidn of mine’s house. We played and played, and I remember finding the “JUSTIN BAILEY” password that unlocked Samus as a green haired, pink leotard clad lady. It was the Zelda of Read the rest of this entry

Retro City Rampage Trailer.

Okay, so I’m a little late to the party with discovering this one, but the concept looks entertaining:

It’s it bad that I remember a disturbing amount of these titles from my NES glory days?

I wonder when this will be coming to WiiWare?

Where Has My Blogroll Gone?

I’ve been doing the “gaming blog” thing for a while now. Over the years, I’ve gotten a small, but regular readership that would usually comment on my posts, but more importantly, provide me some new reading material on the hobby.

I’ve noticed more and more this year that my “regulars” have disappeared. Not so much from lack of interest, but just in general. With the exception of one blogger who still posts as regularly as I do, and another gaming blogger that has returned to the fold, the gaming blogosphere has seemed to disappeared. 4-5 of my favorite blogs haven’t updated since the beginning of Summer. Others longer.

What happened?

A lot of my regular reads just stopped without a “I’m bored/I’m busy/I’m quitting” post, and while it doesn’t affect my own interest in wanting to post content, I do have to admit that I miss the network of fellow bloggers.

On the same token, I’ve gotten a few new readers stepping out and making comments on my blog. In that regard, “Hello!” Feel free to “follow” me if you’d like to. Don’t be shy.

At any rate, this was more just a inquiry post as to what Read the rest of this entry

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: Post-Script.

300 posts in. Where does the time go?

Well, for the last two days, it’s been pure XBLA obsession.

The short of it? If you love video games, even just a little bit, by all that is good and holy, get this game.

The long of it…. There are certain games that just get that “tingle” out of you when you power it up for the first time. That little bit of excitement that sets your arm hairs on end, or makes you reminisce about the good old days. For me, it was the arcade at Movieland, our video rental store. I’d go there during middle school and high school to play a lot of fighters, from Street Fighter II to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sure, we also had Aladdin’s Castle and Superfun for a while (remember those?), but that video rental store ate hours of my life.

I reviewed the movie a few posts back due to its heavy referencing of video games. If you read that post, you’ll get a sampling of the games mentioned here. From Pac-Man to Mortal Kombat to… they even put in a Guitar Hero moment. The game nods Read the rest of this entry

Gaming Of Late.

It never fails. I go a few weeks/months of not playing it, but just like that, I go back to Elder Scrolls IV.

I suppose it’s a testament to the game. I don’t have a major urge to rush and “beat” the game anytime soon. I spend a lot of time exploring, fighting, powering up my character, and trying to complete some of my stray quests. I’m sure I’ll get back to the main storyline one of these days, but I honestly just like tromping around to see what’s out there. This is perhaps the only single-player, offline MMORPG (a contradiction in terms, I know) that I’ve ever invested this much time in. The last MMO I ever seriously attempted was Star Wars Galaxies, and to call it a disappointment is an understatement. I wanted to go out and fight the good fight, not watch a bunch of dancers stat grinding (I know there’s more to the game than just that, but the presentation and unrealized potential is still no less disappointing). It somewhat broke my interest on wanting to try new MMOs, until I see something that breaks the tedium and really piques Read the rest of this entry

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Thoughts.

So I finally saw Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, the video game inspired movie, based off the video game inspired comic.

You can always tell when a gamer makes a gaming related project versus some marketing exec just trying to latch onto the next big thing. The film itself is chock full of video game references and sound effects, from 8 and 16-bit classics such as Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. 2, Street Fighter and Capcom related fighters, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy, and Sonic the Hedgehog, to more “modern” games such as Tekken, Dance Dance Revolution and Rock Band.

So why make mention of a movie on a gaming site? Because of the sheer amount of references to the love of gaming (not to mention the brawler already on PSN and coming to XBLA). There were moments growing up in the 8-bit generation that you couldn’t help but compare life’s daily challenges to that of a video game, from first crushes to having a fight against your own “bosses”. You wanted to be that video game hero that you were on your NES, and that was translated perfectly here, with a more than a solid dash Read the rest of this entry

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