And it’s actually very cool.

Disney so far has been doing a great job of updating Tron‘s information as it nears release come December 17.

The latest is a new iPhone game, which is currently two things:

1.) Free.
2.) Very cool.

It’s a great little tank game with smooth controls and impressive neon graphics (did I mention that it costs “Free”?) The game itself offers online multi-player, leaderboards, and apparently will be updated throughout the rest of the year, adding new games to the already slick interface. Light cycles and disc throwing? Likely so.

So consider me excited about further news from Tron: Legacy‘s impending hype train.

Also of note, check out this awesome T-shirt I got this last week:

Combining Tron with The Beatles equals pretty much “awesome” in my book. This site offers a T-shirt design for one day only, and apparently does a lot of video game related shirts. Check out the gallery to see what I mean.

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