It’s been a while since I’ve actually talked about what I’ve been doing in terms of gaming lately. Oh sure, I’ve posted links and videos and what have you, but what of my own personal gaming habits? What am I playing these days, and what have I collected?

I ended up getting invited to a Halo 3 match last night the moment I powered up my 360. I don’t play a lot of Halo, as I’m not one of those “OMG HALOZ!!!1” players. It’s a decent enough game, and one of those “requisite” starter titles for the system, but after I beat it two years back, I put it away.

I will say, however, that I am impressed with the level of customization that you can do for Deathmatch. From “Juggernaut” to “Infection” to tweaking of the physics, the level of creativity is honestly up to the players. For example, the most fun I’ve ever had with the title was maximizing the jumping and speed and playing with nothing but gravity hammers, and slow walking, high jumping, charged laser only deathmatches. Sitting with a group of friends, the outcomes were hilarious and more satisfying than just running around and standard camping/shooting as it really evened the odds.

For collection stuff, I scored a Game & Watch version of Donkey Kong Jr. for a steal of a price. I also tracked down Popeye for the NES, as I’m fairly confident that Nintendo lost that license a long time ago, and given the slow rate of Virtual Console releases (3-4 games a week, to maybe 1 game a month), I doubt we’re going to see that (or many other games) released during the Wii’s lifetime.

With the end of the fiscal year, I also scored this from Club Nintendo:

It’s a nice piece. Guess filling out all of those surveys was worth something after all.

In terms of current gaming, I’ve been playing Transformers: War For Cybertron. It turned out better than expected, considering Transformers has such an awful track record for video games (odd, considering the source material seems absolutely perfect). But you can tell High Moon Studios are fans, especially when Peter Cullen voices Optimus Prime, and Jazz breakdances when he transforms. There are actually quite a few funny one-liners in the game, and a nod to Stan Bush’s music (not “The Touch”, but watch the credits).

I plan to attempt Sin and Punishment: Star Successor after Transformers. I’m still a little skittish of using retail games in my Wii, lest this one eats my discs as well, but I’ll have to get over that (and keep testing things out at the cost of games that I don’t care if they get damaged or not). LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 may be another “soon” addition.

Speaking of potential game damage, I really don’t like this new “eco-friendly” packaging that is being used for recent games. Certainly, there is a way to reduce plastic without compromising the overall protection of the games. I feel like this new packaging is either going to provide less sturdy backing, scratch prevention, and dust reduction for my discs, or cause the case’s liner art to get damaged easier. In any case, there has to be a better way, because the few inches of plastic they chose to shave off isn’t in the product’s best preservation interest.

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