You goodly readers of my blog will find a different format later this week.

I will be attending the Classic Gaming Expo being hosted at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino this week. I plan to be there both days, and I’ll be reporting my experiences there after the conclusion of each show day.

While this is an annual show, the expo did not run in 2008 and 2009 due to difficulties in procuring a spot (so I have been more than ready to see what this show is about for a while now). There will be plenty of gaming memorabilia, gaming legends from the earliest days of gaming, and competitions held. And I’ll be sure to post pics of some of the cooler things I find.

This is the second gaming convention I’ve been to in Vegas. I briefly stopped by EVO Championship Series when it came to Caesar’s Palace a few weeks back, but I wasn’t there long enough to see anything more than a few matches being played, and knowing that I don’t want to go up against those guys.

More soon! On to the show this weekend!

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