One of my “Top 5” Atari 2600 games was Haunted House, the first documented nod into the “survival horror” genre. Looking at it today with its multi-colored four floor mansion, the ghosts, the spiders, the bats, and the wandering pair of eyes, it may not seem like much today, but as a kid, it scared the fool out of me at times.

(Terrifying, isn’t it?)

Even today, after downloading it on Game Room, I’ve still found a quick jump or surprise in walking into a room to get immediately ambushed, or running from one of the creatures only to discover a locked door and no key.

What does this all have to do with now?

Haunted House is returning.

It looks different, of course. I don’t know if I’m totally into the graphical style, or how true it will stay to its source material, but it looks to be coming as a download for all major platforms (sans Playstation, for whatever reason).

The main site doesn’t have much going for it right now. Kotaku, however, does have some screen grabs.

We’ll see how this one turns out, but I can’t help but be curious as Atari goes back to the “old days” and resurrects (no pun intended) one of my childhood favorites.

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