Sad but true, 1 Vs. 100 is gone.

I really enjoyed this free foray into the MMOGS world (Massively Multiplayer Online Game Show) this last year. While I didn’t play Season 1, I played Season 2 like it was going out of style.

Honestly, I’m surprised that Nintendo didn’t pioneer this type of service, or even introduce it later to the Wii, as this really was a great example of “social gaming” (something the Wii proudly trumpets as its main advantage over its competitors). I remember quite well playing with one friend from Texas, another from California, and the missus on the couch next to me. Both online and in the same room, it made for a great party, and subjects such as comics, video games and general trivia were a blast to play through.

I was looking forward to Season 3. Depending on the story, 1 Vs. 100 didn’t continue due to licensing issues or interoffice mismanagement. In either case, it’s the gamers that lose, and I felt that Microsoft had something genuinely unique that was their own, and not some built-upon idea as a response to competition.

Time will tell how people respond to this loss. The fan outrage has been notable, and I’d have to join in that chorus of “Boo”. We lose the interactive game shows and gain an exclusive ESPN channel on the 360. Not a worthwhile trade, in my opinion.

Microsoft needs to invent its own show, free of licensing restrictions, and bring back the feeling of my friends and I sitting on our couches and playing together… whatever state those couches may be in.

Good-bye, 1 Vs. 100. You will be missed.

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