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More Interactive Week.

You goodly readers of my blog will find a different format later this week.

I will be attending the Classic Gaming Expo being hosted at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino this week. I plan to be there both days, and I’ll be reporting my experiences there after the conclusion of each show day.

While this is an annual show, the expo did not run in 2008 and 2009 due to difficulties in procuring a spot (so I have been more than ready to see what this show is about for a while now). There will be plenty of gaming memorabilia, gaming legends from the earliest days of gaming, and competitions held. And I’ll be sure to post pics of some of the cooler things I find.

This is the second gaming convention I’ve been to in Vegas. I briefly stopped by EVO Championship Series when it came to Caesar’s Palace a few weeks back, but I wasn’t there long enough to see anything more than a few matches being played, and knowing that I don’t want to go up against those guys.

More soon! On to the show this weekend!

Tron: Legacy Panel At San Diego Comic-Con.

I can’t seem to embed the video, but there’s a new trailer behind this link, as well as some detailed info. on the upcoming movie.

I also love this new Tron figure that comes in an arcade machine style case:

Man, did I ever pick the wrong year to miss out on the San Diego Comic Con….

Gaming Collector’s Guides on iPhone.

I picked up the NES Collector’s Guide on iPhone tonight.

There’s a whole series of these guides on the iPhone, from Atari, Colecovision, Sega Master System, and several other older consoles.

The interface is pretty nice, if simple. It shows a nice screenshot of selected game along with the cover art, as well as a general price range of what you should expect to pay on average for a game.

There’s a few inaccuracies (such as calling Tengen games Tecmo), but the list looks fairly complete, and I always was something of a database enthusiast.

At 99 cents, it’s pretty reasonable to check out gaming history, and remember what games came out for a system when grumbling that the Virtual Console still has plenty of good games that it could release, but doesn’t.

Tron Comes To iPhone.

And it’s actually very cool.

Disney so far has been doing a great job of updating Tron‘s information as it nears release come December 17.

The latest is a new iPhone game, which is currently two things:

1.) Free.
2.) Very cool.

It’s a great little tank game with smooth controls and impressive neon graphics (did I mention that it costs “Free”?) The game itself offers online multi-player, leaderboards, and apparently will be updated throughout the rest of the year, adding new games to the already slick interface. Light cycles and disc throwing? Likely so.

So consider me excited about further news from Tron: Legacy‘s impending hype train.

Also of note, check out this awesome T-shirt I got this last week:

Combining Tron with The Beatles equals pretty much “awesome” in my book. This site offers a T-shirt design for one day only, and apparently does a lot of video game related shirts. Check out the gallery to see what I mean.

Good-Bye, 1 Vs. 100.

Sad but true, 1 Vs. 100 is gone.

I really enjoyed this free foray into the MMOGS world (Massively Multiplayer Online Game Show) this last year. While I didn’t play Season 1, I played Season 2 like it was going out of style.

Honestly, I’m surprised that Nintendo didn’t pioneer this type of service, or even introduce it later to the Wii, as this really was a great example of “social gaming” (something the Wii proudly trumpets as its main advantage over its competitors). I remember quite well playing with one friend from Texas, another from California, and the missus on the couch next to me. Both online and in the same room, it made for a great party, and subjects such as comics, video games and general trivia were a blast to play through.

I was looking forward to Season 3. Depending on the story, 1 Vs. 100 didn’t continue due to licensing issues or interoffice mismanagement. In either case, it’s the gamers that lose, and I felt that Microsoft had something genuinely unique that was their own, and not some built-upon idea as a response to competition.

Time will tell how people respond to this loss. The Read the rest of this entry

Mega Man Universe.

I don’t know what’s going on with this:

Is this LittleBigPlanet with Mega Man characters? Is this like Super Smash Bros.? I’m fascinated by this pseudo-Pixar/claymation looking video, with its multiple art styles and possible platforming gameplay.

Apparently, all will be revealed at Comic-Con. I can’t believe I’m this hyped for a game I know so little about.

The end is great. Does it age me that I actually had the robot in the final seconds of the video?

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