With E3 upon us (and oh, I wish I could go this year – I miss going), the trailers come for the drool-worthy games of 2010-2011.

Well, Star Wars is once again on the gaming radar:

Force Unleashed players are forever on the fence. Some loved it, some absolutely hated it, but it sold more than its fair share of copies, and somehow, they managed to pull a sequel out of it, when both endings were pretty much a shut case on the story. Do I call “bull” on the new premise?


I can’t, really. They did it in a way that is plausible to the universe, so hopefully, maybe, they can continue with the intrigue and drama of the first story.

One aspect that was generally praised across table was the story. It really was a better and more compelling tale than the Prequel movies, and if Lucasfilm was wise (and wanted more money), they’d make a new film with Sam Witwer’s Apprentice/Starkiller/Galen Marek character while he’s still the right age and could pull this off.

I found the Xbox’s graphics better able to convey the emotional nuances to the story, but I thought the Wii had the better and more satisfying control scheme. What I didn’t like was the HD game’s Star Destroyer level. Either someone dropped the ball synching up the onscreen prompts to the controller’s button input, or someone was just really sadistic and hated gamers. A shame, really, as that could have been one of the highlights of the game.

I hope that this game will continue the free-for-all destructiveness of the first installment, and again, this is a title where the story could make or break this whole game. Funny how one game told a better story than three movies.

No gameplay videos or demos yet, but I’d be lying if I said that I’m not a little excited for this one.

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