Well, the new Doctor Who game is out in Britain as of this writing, and thanks to a connection of mine, I was able to preview it.

Before I go any farther, I will say that I’ll purchase this game in a heartbeat the second it’s officially released stateside.

I’ve wondered how would be the best way to go about a Doctor Who game. The Doctor himself is largely and primarily non-violent, relying on his wits, his companions, and his trusty Sonic Screwdriver. Faced up against his primary nemesis, the Daleks, how would this translate?

The answer is: Very well.

Sumo Digital (behind Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing) crafted a fine adventure that puts the player in the role of the Eleventh Doctor. I figured at best it would be point and click. This is more of a stealth action game with puzzle elements. It’s not like Metal Gear Solid (or even Sneak King, for that matter). The Doctor doesn’t overcome his enemy with brute force. In fact, he has to sneak around the Daleks at all costs, staying out of their vision, lest he hear the familiar “EX-TER-MIN-ATE”, and he or Amy are shot. And yes, creeping past patrolling Daleks does get a little tense at moments.

Does this mean that you continually stay in the shadows being utterly defenseless? You can run if fast enough and aren’t surrounded, and the Doctor does fight back in the cut scenes. Those familiar with the character know that while he abhors killing, he isn’t above more extreme methods for the preservation of himself, his friends, or Earth.

The game isn’t 100% perfect. While the voice acting is generally very good, there are a few flat lines. I’m more of a controller player than a keyboard/mouse connoisseur, the character model animations were a little weird at times, and some moments of A.I. are a little suspect, but not game-breaking. I found the game a little easy, but I’m good at following the stories, so I think being a fan (like Telltale’s Strong Bad game), gives a better idea of what should be done.

The one thing that “broke” the game is that I accidentally skipped ahead to another mission objective by going down the wrong corridor. I completed that goal, but when I went back to complete the original objective, I found a dead end, and was unable to complete the act’s story. Follow the story. Don’t get too ambitious in your exploring. Unfortunate, but not much can be done about that.

The story itself was well written. It’s supposed to count as an “extra” story, and I found it interesting. I’m sure I’ve delved a bit into some spoiler territory, but I was prepared to take that risk.

I’d love to see this game come to the Xbox 360 or Wii. As there are three more installments to go, I hope the quality remains high. They did nail the “feel” of the show, and I thought that would be a very hard task to accomplish.

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