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Fan Made King’s Quest Project.

Back in the Apple IIc days, I grew up on King’s Quest.

The last installment in the series (The Mask of Eternity) was about as far removed from the series as possible, and the likely culprit as to why the series died out. Of course, Sierra, became part of Vivendi, which became part of Activision. It seemed like the series was dead with no chance of revival.

While not an “official” game, this fan-made title, known as The Silver Lining, looks impressive with its attempt to recapture the “heart” of this fairy tale series:

It comes out for “free” on July 10. Not many fan-made projects get a break, but I think in the seven years that this game has been in development, it seems to been given enough immunity for Activision to politely look the other way in this instance.

The New Pac-Man TV Show.

You know, the old Hanna-Barbera Pac-Man cartoon from the 1980’s was a weird show when you look at it: Suburban Pac-Man and family lived in Pac-Land by the Power Pellet Forest, and occasionally had to ward off the five ghosts (Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde and Sue) whenever Mezmeron sent them out to cause trouble. Heck, Pac-Man even helped Santa Claus save Christmas one year.

That was weird. This is mind-boggling:

This looks absolutely ridiculous and awful. Pac-Man isn’t known for its multi-tiered backstory and complex characters, but even the games and the old Saturday morning TV show made more sense than this.

This… just looks horrible.

A Disney game that looks action oriented and not based on a movie?

Is Disney gaming actually taking itself seriously again?

Tron Evolution: Battle Grids.

Light Cycle racing on the Wii?

Count me in….

Also, the Xbox version looks fantastic, for cinematics alone:

Quick Observation….

Isn’t it weird how Midway either sat on all of their classic titles, either rushing them and/or completely ignoring them to the point of obsolescence, and now that they are out of business, the new updates to NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat and Hydro Thunder all look awesome, and seemingly restored to their former glory?

I guess getting completely rid of the people in charge that ran Midway into the ground and killed the company was the only way to give those franchises a new lease on life. Kind of a telling statement when other companies and new studio heads seem to better understand Midway’s legacy than the people who ran the place….

New Splatterhouse Trailer.

The original game was always the reason that I wanted a Turbografx-16:

I have to admit: I like the 2D parts, and this looks to be a remake of the original story. It’s even said to include the three original games.

Video games are going to break me this year.

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