I’m set to speak to Nintendo’s repair center in order to air my grievances over this last repair, so let’s see what happens.

While it looks like I will definitely be shelving my Wii, I will still be talking about older Nintendo consoles and games. I can’t say that what happened has totally clouded my established memories of growing up with Nintendo. Certainly, their current repair business model seems “completely broken” in the most gentle wording, but I do have a lot of fond memories of my older systems, and it would be foolish of me to suddenly dismiss previous Nintendo titles as “lesser” games now, when they’ve provided some genuinely revolutionary content over the past few decades.

But this change goes with the old adage: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice….” The reality of the situation is that I’m now stuck with a “broken” system again that I expect to go out on me at any time now considering the level of “service” that I’ve received in the past six months and three units later.

It would perhaps be more sensible to purchase a new system that’s not been touched by Nintendo’s “repair” center to ensure that my system actually, you know, works longer than three months. But since I can’t transfer my user profile and all of my downloadable content, there’s really no point to that. And I’m not got to repurchase the amount of Virtual Console and WiiWare titles as it would be too costly, and quite frankly, pointless. And I shouldn’t have to buy a new system. They should have used one of these multiple attempts to actually repair my current one. It’s a backwards philosophy that has proved how ineffective and ultimately archaic Nintendo’s approach to online is.

Maybe their next system will actually sort some of these things out. But I don’t think it will be a “Day 1” purchase for me again like my last few systems have.

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