Having worked for MacPlay in the early 2000’s, I am well versed in the minuscule, but incredibly devoted Mac gaming community.

There are only a few companies that have been “brave” enough to support the platform over the years, and many of those companies specialized in license acquisitions from other companies. I.E., MacPlay did some things with Activision, Bioware, Disney, Interplay and a few other companies, same as other companies following suit.

But really, the gaming options were limited even then, and seemed to have grown smaller over the years. While I didn’t participate in the community chats after I left, I’d imagine that the problems I were aware of never went away.

I got a MacBook from my Dad the Christmas of 2007, the last gift he ever gave me before he passed. I still use the computer to this day (and currently right now), but I never factored in the platform as a gaming system. iPhone seemed more like a gaming platform than their own full-scale computers, a concept somewhat foreign to me, having gamed my heart out on the Apple IIc.

And then came Steam.

Leave it to Valve to give an actual shot in the arm for any chance of a real and prominent Apple gaming community. I’ve admired Steam’s set-up for the PC, but again, Mac user, and I have my consoles to fall back on gaming.

I do look forward to gaming with my PC friends (cross-platform play really should be a standard for gaming consoles if these companies would only get over their respective egos), and while the library is initially small, I’m sure that will change in time, allowing Mac gamers to finally see what all of the fuss is about. To be honest, I see online sales/distribution like this to be the future for computer gaming. I’m a little more traditional (physical media) when it comes to consoles, but for here, it makes sense, and I look forward to playing some long overdue classics (Hello, classic Lucasarts point and click Indiana Jones adventures).

Oh, and Portal is currently for free until May 24, and if you don’t take advantage of that incredibly nifty little game, there is something really, really wrong.

My Steam gamer profile is here. I’m sure many of those old, still undoubtedly devoted Mac gamers are reveling in a collective “Huzzah” right now.

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