I’m in the process of redownloading all of my Wii games. While Nintendo’s customer service is unable to really do anything (we both realized that), at least they tried to do SOMETHING. I would hope that they will address issues like mine and other people to their repair center to put a stop to this. This isn’t how I would like to do business with a company that had long been a favorite of mine.

I’ll finish downloading my games, and I’m going to test the drive myself. I have an extra Netflix disc, so I won’t have to worry about ruining another $20-$50 game is this system is doomed to the same scratching fate.

My 360 is also coming back very soon as well. I’m personally looking forward to Game Room again, and hope that they worked out the massive amount of bugs that plagued the introductory release.

(Lord knows I need to play some Pitfall!)

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