If there’s one thing that the Wii is good at, is creative some truly original, fun and innovate third-party content… that gets completely ignored.

Seriously, how many games are the critical darlings of the review sites and fans alike, but get abysmal sales to the point where the third-party developer/publisher swears that they’ll never try anything like that again?

I don’t think it’s so much or a tantrum on their part. I mean, how frustrating would it be to pour one’s heart out, crafting a game that uses the graphical and control strengths of the console only to get crushed in sales by some piece of shovelware that looks and plays like an embarrassing joke, but sells like gangbusters? It’s hard to see something clever like Boom Blox, Blast Works, or A Boy and His Blob struggle, when they do have a lot going for them, and show the Wii has some amazing titles on it?

It’s was only recently in the latest issue of Nintendo Power that I noticed two games that look unique, but probably will struggle to survive against some sequel to Just Dance or Carnival Games to not only make money, but just get any attention at all. Nevertheless, these two titles seemed worth a nod from somebody.

Rock of the Dead (Conspiracy Entertainment) – Finally, someone has come up with a new idea to do something different with those numerous plastic guitar controllers that we’ve all ended up with: Kill zombies via the power of rock. Even if the game turns out to be awful, bravo for finally injecting some new life into a completely stagnant peripheral. I’d be tempted to buy the game just on that principle. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that major geek cred has been obtained via the inclusion of Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day. Bottom line: It looks like someone spent more than five minutes coming up with this goofy-awesome concept, and I hope the execution matched the potential this title could have. I’d glady add this to my collection.

Ivy the Kiwi
(XSEED Publishing) – One thing the Wii does, and does very well, is 2D. I’d go as far to say that the system masters this sort of game for this generation, and here is another title that looks set to “Wow”. Beautiful artwork, a charming character, and a pedigree from Yuji Naka, of Sonic the Hedgehog and Phantasy Star fame. It also looks to make intelligent use of the Wii remote, which I appreciate any title that attempts to make Wii games more than the dreaded “waggle fest”.

As I mentioned earlier, Wii gets a slew of charming, unique titles that sadly get ignored. I wanted to at least bring these two to my reader’s attention so they’d get at least a second look and consideration and not fall into the “I didn’t even realize that these came out” category.

I’ve thought about approaching some of my fellow gaming bloggers to see if they’d be interested in collaborating a roundtable feature between our blogs to highlight the “lost gems” like these. I’m choosing a specific feature like this because I do have a lot of associates who favor Wii related content, and make it a point to highlight titles in their own writings.

Coffee With Games and SuperPhillip, would you be interested in us collaborating on a monthly cross-posted roundtable feature? Just throwing it out there.

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