I got my Wii back today. For a second time now, their repair service has blatantly disregarded the notes that both I and their customer service reps have left them that I want my system REPAIRED, not REPLACED. As a result, I have ended up with my third “blank slate” system, bereft of all save game data, without even as explanation as to why.

I have been a Nintendo fan since the 1980’s, from the Donkey Kong arcade game, to owning my first Game & Watch systems, to the NES…. With the exception of the Virtual Boy, I owned all of the Nintendo consoles.

I won’t get into the full details of the letter that I just sent to Nintendo customer service, but it’s become clear that their repair center techs either lack listening/comprehension skills, or just simply don’t care. After all, it’s easier to just replace a system than to diagnose a problem or attempt to repair it.

I’ve no interest in starting over with all of my games again a third time. I don’t want to sit and download games for hours on end again. Nintendo’s archaic attempt to be “different” has resulted into no way to transfer or back up your save data. If your system breaks, it’s up to Nintendo to decide if they want to give you access to all of your purchases on another system. The Xbox may have an incredibly high failure rate, reportedly moreso than any system currently out there, but at least you can detach your system’s “brain” or “heart”, plug it into a new system, and game on without having to skip a beat.

I’ll keep my games, but I think it’s time for the Wii and I to part ways. I was willing to give this a second go, but a third time? A third time after blatantly not listening to me again? I just don’t have it in me.

This new Wii is already bound for my “Console Archive”. I no longer trust Nintendo’s repair service, and I’m not going to be putting any more of my systems in their incapable hands again.

UPDATE: I got off the phone with a customer service rep, and he said they’ve been having this sort of problem happen a lot lately to other customers (read: Not repairing systems, just flat-out replacing them). The rep seemed confused by their notes that they replaced the disc drive, but also the motherboard. But in reality, they didn’t replace parts. They gave me another whole new system.

Bottom line: If you want to keep your save data, do NOT send your system in to Nintendo’s repair… I mean REPLACEMENT service. Apparently, documentation from customers or the company’s own customer service reps means nothing.

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