With this installment makes the first 100 games I’ve listed as “favorite”, “enjoyable”, or “play-worthy”. The list will keep continuing after this, but this marks the first 100 titles that I’ve listed.

1.) Robotron: 2084 (Williams) – Kill lots of Robotrons, save the last human family, and do it all with only two joysticks. Once again, Williams showed innovation with this title, eschewing the traditional button set-up, and instead using two control sticks. Fast paced, relentless, and incredibly addictive, this has remained one of my favorite shooters over the years.

2.) Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Capcom) – Granted the game has seen over 2 billion iterations of this particular game, but this is where it all started, and it was good for doing so. Most of the fighting games of the time were done as a side-scrolling brawler, and one one one fighting games were usually either too slow or too clunky. This game changed things, and when it was brought home, the competition raged on at home so you could bring some better skills back to the arcade. It was a never-ending cycle, really.

3.) Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Nintendo) – My personal favorite of the Smash Bros. series. Sure the online wasn’t perfect, but the character line-up just about was, with a full on adventure mode, more secrets and items to collect than anything else. This title was a virtual love letter to video gaming, and waiting for that nightly midnight update was one of the last real times I gladly ate into every second of a game’s pre-release hype.

4.) Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo) – People will often credit Wii Sports for being the “magic” system selling game for the Wii, and considering it was the default pack-in game, it most literally was. But Super Mario Galaxy was the first real game to show what the Wii could do. Super Mario Sunshine, like Super Mario Bros. 2, were the “oddballs” of their respective 2D and 3D trilogies. And like Super Mario Bros. 3, Galaxy took everything good from the first attempt (in this case, Super Mario 64), and just defined it to perfection. Classic 3D Mario gameplay that just can’t be done any better.

5.) Kaboom (Activision) – The premise is simple: Catch the bombs that the frowning “Mad Bomber” throws down at your buckets. But you don’t get prepared for how utterly insane the action gets in this game, or how frustrating it is to see the Mad Bomber grin if you fail. The game gets so fast paced and hectic after a while you need to be either a psychic or a Jedi to anticipate the patterns these bombs creative. Delightfully fun, and maddeningly addictive.

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