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Friendly FYI….

Amazon is running specials on gaming magazines, and I believe Saturday is the last day.

Nintendo Power for $5.00, Official Xbox Magazine for $5.00, and Official Playstation Magazine for $5.00.

Seriously, why wouldn’t you?

The Most Manly Game Ever.

If you can’t feel your testosterone rising over a game entitled Robot Unicorn Attack, coupled with rainbow attacks and the tones of Erasure’s “Always”, just… just turn in your “Man Card”, because it’s over.

Robot Unicorn Attack on Adult Swim Games.

Apparently, it’s coming for iPhone as well.

Exposing the Gems.

If there’s one thing that the Wii is good at, is creative some truly original, fun and innovate third-party content… that gets completely ignored.

Seriously, how many games are the critical darlings of the review sites and fans alike, but get abysmal sales to the point where the third-party developer/publisher swears that they’ll never try anything like that again?

I don’t think it’s so much or a tantrum on their part. I mean, how frustrating would it be to pour one’s heart out, crafting a game that uses the graphical and control strengths of the console only to get crushed in sales by some piece of shovelware that looks and plays like an embarrassing joke, but sells like gangbusters? It’s hard to see something clever like Boom Blox, Blast Works, or A Boy and His Blob struggle, when they do have a lot going for them, and show the Wii has some amazing titles on it?

It’s was only recently in the latest issue of Nintendo Power that I noticed two games that look unique, but probably will struggle to survive against some sequel to Just Dance or Carnival Games to not only make money, but just get any attention Read the rest of this entry

Fearing the Digital Age.

I’ve made it known in many an entry on here that I am not only a game player, but also a collector. Case in point, I found one of those Coleco table-top mini arcades of Pac-Man yesterday at an antique store. True, some of the text is in French on the machine, but who cares? It’s an awesome piece. And now I’m rambling.

But I do like the digital aspect of gaming as well. You never have to worry about a game going out of stock. You can buy a digital game whenever you feel like it. And you don’t have to do anything to play it other than turn on your game console, and click a button to play.

But you do have to worry about losing games still. And in this particular case, more permanently if things go bad.

I ran across this article yesterday in regards to people discovering the difficulty of transferring/keeping their digital downloads. XBLA, PSN, Steam and Apple all have one’s purchased games linked to an account, and whatever the User buys can be transferred system to system without a second thought. The Wii and DSi also have Read the rest of this entry

Hallmark’s 2010 Video Game Ornament.

Sadly, we’re not getting a cool arcade machine this year, a la Pac-Man or Galaga this year. But we are getting something.

I’ll just as easily take a Light Cycle from the upcoming Tron: Legacy film.

(I’m not going to lie. I’ve always hoped for a Tron ornament to eventually come out, so I could hang it on my Christmas tree.)

Happy 30th Anniversary, Pac-Man.

Go to Google right now. Just do it.

Their logo is a playable version of Pac-Man. And yes, that is Ms. Pac-Man, as it’s two-player.

It’s hard to believe that Pac-Man turns 30 today. This is the game that defined my childhood and my love of video games, and three decades later, he’s still plugging away, doing his thing.

It’s staggering to think how many games both Namco and Midway released over the years, the cartoon show, the hit theme song…. I even have a Christmas ornament on my tree with lights and sounds. He’s been an old friend to me for a long time.

And beauty of it is that he’s still fun. How many games… how many anything can claim that after this long? The original game, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man World, Pac-Man Championship Edition, and a new upcoming title called Pac-Man Battle Royale with four Pac-Men going up against each other. Save for Mario and Donkey Kong, which other gaming stars can claim the level of continued stardom in the gaming world?

So I light a birthday candle in honor of that little yellow dot and all the good times he’s given over the years. I Read the rest of this entry

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