I haven’t posted in forever. It’s been one of those crazy months, and looks to stay that way until May.

That said, I got my Netflix streaming disc in for the Wii last week. I don’t consider myself an “HD Snob”, but I do recognize the difference, and I’m a little more particular in watching TV shows. I thought it was a great service to offer the Wii, one that should have been offered a long time ago, but I was hoping that the load times weren’t atrocious, there wasn’t some weird “family friendly” feature that would eliminate darker movies and reduce people to only watching Disney Channel fare, and the picture quality didn’t look like a Sega CD game (or more realistically, the poor video quality of the Nintendo Channel).

Color me surprised.

I watch The IT Crowd as my first offering, and while there is a little bit of grain, the picture quality is solid overall, and definitely watchable. The load times are reasonable, and the menu navigation with the Wii Remote is intuitive and simple. Since the Netflix account is set to my main account (and my Xbox 360), shows I was watching on the 360 were set up exactly like they were on the Wii, and vice-versa. It takes all of two seconds to add the activation code, and once you’re in, that’s it. Start watching things.

So for those of you on the fence wondering “Is it safe?” to watch TV on the Wii with a respectable picture quality, go for it. The disc is easy to order from Netflix, so click and go to get started.

I spoke some time back about how the Wii needs to be more multi-media friendly since Nintendo’s all about bringing the family together around a Wii to participate. This may not be gaming in any real sense, but it’s definitely another step in that overall goal.

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