Long-time readers and friends of mine now that I own an arcade machine.

Actually, I own this machine:

While this isn’t my specific machine, this is what it looks like. I’ve owned this thing since 1995, and like any 28 year old video game, it needs maintenance from time to time. This latest time being the result of being in a hot and dusty storage unit for 2 years.

With the advent of the new Tron: Legacy trailer (that and it’s hard staring at this inert behemoth in my garage), I decided to get it repaired. Mind you, this is no easy task. The parts are ancient, the repair rates aren’t cheap, and they didn’t exactly build these machines to last this long. The joystick’s screwy, the sound is off, I maddeningly lost my key to the machine for free play (yet the battery has lasted all this time, and my high scores remain unchallenged), and it’s dusty. So I have a fair task ahead of me this next week.

I’ll post pics once I get it cleaned, fully operational and playable. This is one of the “crown jewels” of my video game collection, and I’m glad to finally give the machine a little TLC.

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