I’m still disappointed that Nintendo doesn’t use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to hawk Pit from Kid Icarus out more. In my restarting games, I’m trying out the NES classic again, and while I had previously beat the game twice on the Wii, starting over with zero power-ups is a stern reminder about how unforgiving the difficulty initially is. Love the game, but it’s a brutal beast.

Hope the V-Day festivities have worked out for all. I got a 16GB SD card for my PSP, which finally allowed me to download Final Fantasy VII on the system. It’s funny how many people bash on that installment, calling it “overrated”. The polygon-based characters are a little archaic (as was just about any other 3D game during the 1990’s), but the art direction, backgrounds and music are still compelling. I felt that little tinge of magic in going through the first scenario, and it reminded me why I loved the game so much (and by proxy Advent Children and Crisis Core).

The odd thing about my PSP? My faceplate cracked. I’ve ordered a new one, but it’s not presenting a good indication of how carful I am with my game systems. Really, the system breakdown in my house is just as puzzling to me. But at least I don’t have to worry about a memory wipe with my PSP. The transition from one card to the other was utterly painless.

It really is a brutal time to be a gamer right now. I thought the “big rush” was back in the Fall, when it seems to be taking off now. This week is Alien Vs. Predator, and I already have a commitment with friends to do some serious xenomorph killing with that one. I’m probably going to have to take a break from getting any new, upcoming games soon, because my backlog is building up, and I currently have more than enough to keep me busy.

So what games are currently on your personal backlog that you keep meaning to finally start playing?

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