Ordinarily, I’d “poo poo” anything Activision does of late, and I’ve never understood why they’ve never been able to make a decent game based off a license seemingly as perfect for video games as Transformers (save for Atari’s PS2 version), but this trailer admittedly looks cool:

THIS is how the movies should have been. Different, but instantly recognizable designs, no lame, emo “human connection” story perspective, lots of fighting, and again, the robots don’t look like modern art threw up.

Nice to see Peter Cullen returning as Optimus Prime. I wish they had gotten Frank Welker. This looks to be similar to how Batman: Arkham Asylum was presented, and if it turns out that good, I’m all for it. Nice to see some respectful nods to those classic cartoons.

Otherwise, I’ve been playing Bioshock 2 of late. I’ve got some thoughts to share on that, and the return to Rapture.

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