I plan to start my new series in the next few days ago (I’m actually trying to figure out a good order to present everything), but I stumbled across this app for my iPhone and had to share.

It’s called 2600 Magic, and is created by industry legend David Crane. Does the name not sound familiar? He’s the guy who did Freeway, Pitfall!, the original Ghostbusters and A Boy and His Blob games, among several others.

The app itself is impressive if you’ve ever wanted to know how the Atari 2600 works, and includes interactive examples to elaborate on points. For two bucks, I couldn’t really pass it up, and I felt like I learned some new things in the process.

Part 2 is already out, and focuses on the Activision game Dragster. Part 3 will focus on Pitfall! – I always knew the 2600 hardware was limited, but never knew the level of mastery some of the designers did to really trick out the system and get it to do things it was never meant to.

A look at the app description is here. I plan to brush up an be a little more old-school savvy by the time the Classic Gaming Expo hits Vegas this Summer.

As I mentioned earlier, I have some subjects that I’d like to cover, but if you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment, and I’ll see what I can do.

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