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How The Wii Needs To Be More Like The 360.

The title alone should illicit a few “blasphemy” comments from the more Nintendo die-hard, but hear me out. The Wii is a good system. It’s sales record certainly can’t be argued with, but sales figures do not equal perfection. There are a few things that I think Nintendo could learn from their competitors on how to be a better system, and a more social experience.

* Update the Miis. Here we are, 3+ years later, and the Miis have not evolved. I’m still amazed by how creative people have gotten with such limited resources. Some of the creations on the Check Mii Out Channel are indeed impressive, but the Miis can be upgraded without losing the simplistic charm. Who wouldn’t want a Mario hat or Link cap or Pikachu ears? Perhaps a “sticker” you can put on your Mii’s shirt, like a Starman or a Super Mushroom or Samus or a NES Control Pad? The new Mario and Sonic Olympic game allows characters to earn costume upgrades, with fun looks. Why not earn gaming awards like the 360 and carry them on to other games?

* Let users know when their friends Read the rest of this entry

The Next Wii Zelda.

Truth be told, I’ve stayed away from a lot of the news on the next Zelda. For me, the series hit its high point with The Ocarina of Time, and while the other games were enjoyable, that was my high point of the series, and the biggest evolution in the franchise.

People have a lot of expectation for the next Zelda, and so do I. I’m hoping it will do for Link what Super Mario Galaxy did for Mario: Refine an already great game series, and push some serious Wii horsepower.

If I had my way, I’d want a Zelda game to look like the classic NES instruction manual illustrations. You know, these pictures:

Even though the original graphics didn’t look like that, when I first played the game, they may as well have been. In my mind, they were.

But I guess Wind Waker will remain the official “cartoon Link” for the foreseeable future.

As for the new Zelda, there are things I want to see.

I’ll go down my personal checklist:

* Orchestrated music: Just like Mario Galaxy. Again, I found the “Zelda theme” from the NES intro to be one of the more haunting renditions. I’d like something to Read the rest of this entry

Arcade Oddities: Issue 2.

While not so much of a true “oddity” (though the gameplay itself is pretty weird), I happened to stumble across an old arcade game that I always wanted to play, but never found it.

How long did I wait?

Try 10 years.

The game in question is Planet Harriers, an offshoot sequel to the Space Harrier series. I remember reading about the title back in 2000, and being that Sega was on a roll back then, I really hoped that it would have found it’s way to the Dreamcast.

Surprisingly, I actually found a working machine in the Stratosphere of Las Vegas. The gameplay is typical Space Harrier, except your heroes are more rock stars or baseball players or even nurses that fly around and use lasers.

There were a few “classic” Sega shooter touches. For one, players can collect money to visit shops and buy more health or weaponry. If the character dies, Opa Opa from Fantasy Zone was there to give players a chance to continue or lift them off to the great beyond. While the gameplay wasn’t the usual sweeping alien landscapes, the enemies and the weird bosses certainly fit well within the style of the Read the rest of this entry

Netflix On The Wii.

At the risk of sounding like a public service announcement, I do have a lot of Wii fans that read my blog, so I thought I’d share this link.

Netflix is coming to the Wii this Spring, and if you’re planning to get the streaming disc(?), you’ll want to order it from here.

(Or for those not wanting all of the pomp and circumstance, click here).

Now it just remains to see how the picture quality will be, and how the streaming disc affects things….

Atari Flashback 2+.

I bought the Atari Flashback a few years ago, and I thought it was a great system.

Well, it seems that you can now order the upgrade.

If you want a cheap little look at what the fuss was all about in the last 1970’s/early-mid 1980’s, here’s your chance.

Just thought I’d share with my fellow old-school gamers.

More Gaming Thoughts.

While I don’t have any specific article topics to post of late, I still have a collection of thoughts in mind.

I just saw my first full, clear photo of Bit.Trip.Runner:

I’ve fallen in love with this little series since its debut on WiiWare, and now that it’s going platformer, I can’t wait to see what Gaijin Games is going to do yet. From the first three installments, it’s become apparent that they clearly understand the aesthetics of gaming. And seeing the 4th installment makes me all giddy. The Bit.Trip series has become one of my favorite series of the last decade.

Speaking of favorite series, there’s a new Pinball Hall of Fame out on the Wii: The Gottlieb Collection. Why this series continues to come out with zero fanfare is beyond me. The series has won multiple awards, and yet the only way I ever seem to find these games is just pure luck in walking through the gaming aisles. Gamestop didn’t even hear of this one, even though it’s been out on the blogosphere for a while.

The Gottlieb Collection is actually a Gamecube port (imagine that happening on the Wii), so it’s an older Read the rest of this entry

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