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The Games of 2009.

Surprisingly, I didn’t get any games for Christmas this year. In the long run, that’s alright, as I have plenty to play, and this move (still) looms over me.

I’m doing my “Best of” format a little different this year, without the categories, but am listing my 10 favorite titles of the year, and a few “Honorable Mention” nods.

So without further adieu, here are my Top 10 Favorites of 2009:

1.) Ghostbusters: The Video Game – Xbox 360 – Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the franchise, this game is essentially the third movie. It satisfied every expectation that I had as a gamer, a Ghostbusters fan, and then some. One of my most anticipated games of the year, it did not disappoint in the least.

2.) Batman: Arkham Asylum – Xbox 360 – While it’s been fairly customary for me to dismiss any Batman game in the last 15 years (with the exception of the charming Lego: Batman), I was set to do the same with this…. Until I played the demo. The demo put to rest every fear that I had about this game sucking, and was one of the finest free-roaming adventure titles I’ve played since the Castlevania Read the rest of this entry

Random Gaming.

I was a little disappointed with my 1 Vs. 100 gaming session this evening. Tonight was “Community” night, and while I thought the Sci-Fi and Fantasy rounds were fun, the Community Video Game section sucked.

The round should have been called “FPS Games That Have Come Out In The Last 2 Years”, as the questions were utterly devoid of any diversity. Seriously, is this the mindset of today’s moden (read: younger) gamer? Sure, I don’t expect every newbie to the scene to know who Mr. Do is, but the people who accept questions need to find a common ground of young vs. old, instead of a question about doing said acting will net you said achievement in Modern Warfare. It’s not “hardcore”. It’s “limited in scope”.

With Christmas coming up, and an impending move, I scramble to find time for gaming where I can these days, hence the silence of late. The most exciting gaming nod is from the PSP, with the Digital Comics service having gone live. There’s a fair amount of free comics on there, but I’m a bit disappointed in Marvel for charging $1.99 per comic instead of the .99 cents like the Read the rest of this entry

Winter = RPGs.

The weather is finally getting officially cold where I live, with that frosty chill that makes one appreciate being inside all the more. Like any great hibernator, I retreat to my den, where I while away the cold evenings playing gmaes before I go to bed.

My seasonal favorites during this time have always been RPGs. From Phantasy Star to Final Fantasy to Lunar or whatever comes my way, long adventures just seem right when the weather is too cold to stay outside.

I expect this season’s roster will be the continuation of Elder Scrolls IV, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and Half-Minute Hero. If I’m feeling particularly saucy, I may pull out one of my old text/graphic adventures for my Apple IIc. I’ve yet to finish Transylvania, now that I think about it.

So how about you, readers? Do you have a favorite gaming genre for a particular season?

Mortal Kombat Is Not A Tournament.

Johnny Cage kind of makes a good point here.

*sniff* Poor Goro….

5 Favorite Games Part 19.

I’m wanting to get the first 100 games on here before the end of the year, but between closing on a house (the process sucks, folks), and due to a friend of mine posting a new article on Polybius (I wrote an article myself some time back – one of the weirdest gaming “urban legends” out there), it’s been a little busy for me.

Regardless, here is the next installment of the list:

1.) Mario Paint (Nintendo) – Less of a traditional video game and more of an “educational” program, this one-shot from Nintendo provided many hours of fun for me. An art program, an animation tool and a very competent music program (in my opinion, more realized than Wii Music) made for a great creative experience. On top of that, there was the surprisingly addictive Gnat Attack mini game. With the Wii Remote, it’s surprising that Nintendo hasn’t attempted to resurrect this game, though hints of it can be seen in the Photo Channel. Fun Fact: The very first Homestar Runner cartoon was actually created by Mario Paint.

2.) Left 4 Dead (Valve) – While most multi-player FPS games rely on players to blast each other to bits than Read the rest of this entry

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