I had a nice evening using the “Party” feature on the 360’s Netflix player. There’s real fun to be had watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, while having your and friend’s avatars mock a crappy movie.

That said, onto the real meat of my post. A friend of mine by the name of Jared Yaeger is putting out a new game for the iPod/iTouch called Zombonie.

It’s already gotten a nice little article written up on it, and the artwork looks promising. See for yourself:

How can you not appreciate the poetry to be found in running over the undead in something that resurfaces ice vital for any ice skating and hockey occasion? Did I mention that it’s cheaper than a trip to a cemetery? If this doesn’t entice you, then there’s just no helping you in life.

The official site is found here. Jared and his team have been working hard on this project, so I want to throw my support into backing what looks like a fun indie game. So stop by and say hello!

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