When I posted the codes for the digital comics for the PSP Digital Comics reader, I admit that I hadn’t viewed them yet. Now that I have, I’d like to share my thoughts on the service.

I’ve been a comics reader for a long time. I still have many of those issues of Spider-Man, X-Men, Superman, Batman, Star Wars, some of the early Valiant and Image Comics…. Well, you get the point.

I like collecting actual issues, and trade paperbacks, which I’ll still happily revisit on a lazy evening. I remember the Digital Comics service being announced for PSP some months back, but I only use my PSP sporadically, and I hadn’t fooled with the portable’s Playstation Store very often until last Summer.

Backstory aside, I noticed the free download codes that had recently sprung up, and saw that IDW Publishing had released four issues across various websites. gain, lack of word of mouth led me to believe that only Marvel was supporting the service, which has a huge back catalog, but it’s not the entirety of comics experiences for me.

So after downloading the four issues and sharing the redemption codes on here, I decided to check out the service myself.

I like it. And I may start using it more often than anticipated.

For starters, the service puts issues in a nice, easy to file library that can separate by genre, add bookmarks to pick up your reading spot for a later time, lets you know which issues have been unread, and a nice sorting system. Bear in mind this is only based off four issues and one publisher, so let’s see how this goes when the service officially goes live next month.

The images themselves are very nice and clear, allowing the reader to see all aspects of the artwork, smooth panel-to-panel transitions, and an amusing screen shaking effect for the more “explodey” (yes, that’s a word I’m using) panels. Turning a page simulates an actual page turn effect, which is nice.

Apparently, issues on the service are going to be fairly cheap, which is a good thing. Most comics today average around $3.00-$4.00 (a far cry from the .60 cent comics I had as a little fellow), and collections of series sound equally reasonably priced. I like reading comics, but I’m not going to lie and say that I’ve cut back on my reading selections due to prices.

From the sneak peak that I’ve had, this is a great service for the PSP, and something that renews interest in my time with the system. I’ll have to pick up a few select issues when the service goes live. I prefer to keep my comics as the actual book, but this collection is going to take up a lot less space in my closet.

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