And it resided in Arlington, Texas.

More specifically, at Six Flags Over Texas.

How often do you see theme park sections based off of video games these days. From recent memory, I’d have to go with “none”.

I never got to visit “Pac-Man Land”, though I always wanted to go. It was part of the park’s kid’s area, filled with the usual mascot characters and attractions that vaguely reflected the theme of the game (Pac-Man has never been exactly applauded for its complex story line. Even the ’80’s animated series kept the plotlines pretty simple), but it was most certainly another aspect of “Pac-Man Fever” that swept America at the time. Even the currently popular Wii Sports and Wii Fit can’t compare to the yellow dot’s fame (I’ll stand corrected when the latter two produce a lunchbox, pasta, cereal, and a “Top 40” pop song).

I found this picture when searching for references of this short-lived land at Six Flags. If anyone ever was able to see it, or can share some more information on the attraction, I would love to hear about it. But for now, just marvel at the idea of being able to visit a video game world at a theme park.

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