Lord help me, for I have become addicted.

While most non-Xboxers may think Microsoft’s system is purely all about “Teh Haloz”, that’s pretty far removed from the actual case.

1 Vs. 100 is a free XBLA game show for the “Gold” subscribers. I had friends play the last season and chastise me for not getting involved, but I just never did.

Over the weekend, I saw one of the subjects was about “Video Games”, and finally, I relented to see what this plucky little game was about. I wanted to see how all of this played out. One thing I noticed is that most modern players can tell you all about Saint’s Row, but will draw a complete blank as to who Q*Bert is (he’s the orange, fuzzy guy with the long nose who hops on cubes. And incidentially, you’ll die if you come into contact with an egg in Burgertime).

Between a friend and I, we cleaned house on the game, which wasn’t bad for a first-timer. Without knowing it, I stayed around and had entered the “Horror” challenge has well, where I did even better (thank you, film school).

Again, I was playing it all evening with my friend, and one of tomorrow’s challenges is 1980’s themed, so I’m drawn in yet again.

The game is fiendishly addicting, and a lot of fun. From the goofy dances to the great social interaction, to the “Live” games where players can win Microsoft points and full XBLA games (yes, you get actual rewards for playing and getting into the mob, or possibly “the One”). You can even score a few achievements.

To to my Xbox readers, I highly recommend checking it out, because it’s actually quite a bit of fun and competitive. Check the schedule and see what’s available. Who knows? You may even see me on there.

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