Has it really been a month since I last posted?

Sorry about the hiatus. The “real world” has kept me busy of late. A long, drawn-out house-buying saga that I won’t bore you with here, and a very nice vacation which let me to Pensacola Beach, New Orleans, Dallas, and the Grand Canyon. When you have to travel, travel in style. All that, and my birthday last week.

That’s not to say that I haven’t been gaming, though. I downloaded the Super Star Wars trilogy for the Wii, and am just about through Super Empire Strikes Back. For a while, I thought my gaming skills had atrophied as I couldn’t get Han Solo past this one troop carrier in the Echo Base levels on Hoth. The series is well known for its sadism, but Good Lord, that was harder than anything else in the game.

Left 4 Dead introduced its new “Crash Course” campaign, which is supposed to bridge the first two campaigns into one cohesive narrative, but honestly, I can’t tell how. Sure, there’s a crashed helicopter which is assumedly from the first campaign’s hospital finale, but that’s about it. The biggest disappointment is that it’s two levels. And not so much that, but it’s not anything as diverse as other scenarios in the game. The characters already run though enough neighborhoods and commercial districts as is. Not exactly “unique” anymore. Still, I’m looking forward to Left 4 Dead 2.

Also, why does Zoey’s face look completely different in the “Crash Course” poster than any other game art?

Beatles: Rock Band, as expected, is a genuine treat for me. I can’t even express how much I love the “dreamscape” levels, more specifically, “Yellow Submarine”. I’ve grown a bit weary of the rhythm game genre at this point. I like playing the games, but buying all new titles, not so much. Beatles is now what I would consider the definitive way to base a title around a band, and if I were any musical group, I would demand to have my game done in this format, without the “special guest bands” that detract from the game’s namesake.

As posted last entry, my next “big” game will be A Boy and His Blob for the Wii. I’ve been very impressed by this recent stable of 2D offerings for the Wii, and if the system wanted to pump out titles like this and Muramasa from here on out, I’d have zero objection.

The Wii has been standing out a little more to me of late. It’s being trated a little better this year in comparison to 2008, thanks largely in part to the 3rd party developers actually putting, you know, games on the system now. It’s easy to discount the Wii for not being HD, or having too many casual or shovelware titles, but I do expect a unique experience from the system that you can’t find elsewhere. I plan to discuss that in a later post (I plan to get back on a more regular schedule), but games like Epic Mickey actually make me quite pleased to own my little white box.

It’s got The Haunted Mansion, and for me, there’s not much else left to be said.

More regular updates and features soon. In the meantime, what have you been playing?

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