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Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Live.

Well, for Gold subscribers who pre-ordered the game, anyway.

The demo went live at 11 P.M. this evening (or yesterday, rather), and I just went through its two levels.


I’ve adopted Nick as my new character. Louis was my first Left 4 Dead choice, so I’m happy to have found my new guy.

My first real like in the game are the melee weapons. In any FPS/fighting game/whatever, I’ve always been more of a melee person, especially since I can be a little spastic with my gunfire. Hey, I’ll admit it.

The demo provided police batons, machetes, even guitars to whack zombies over the head. While my party played through with new variants of shotguns and machine guns, I was mowing through the undead with a machete, and I liked that.

The new Infected are quite cool, and add a new level of tension. Of course, the Spitters, Smokers and Boomers are there, but there are now Chargers, Jockeys, Spitters, and they all suck due to they make your life a living Hell. I can also tell the new walking Witch is going to taunt some stray bullet to hit her and cause mass havoc when that moment happens.

Defibrillators are Read the rest of this entry

What’s "Long Enough"?

I read a lot of gaming blogs and forums and news sites in order to keep up with my hobby, and to keep in touch with what are the more pressing topics and concerns of the gaming world of late. One such topic that seems to come up more and more is the “worth” of a game as equated to the length of play from start to finish. In other words: “This game only took 10 hours to beat, therefore, it’s not worth the $40-60 purchase price.”

There’s also the follow up argument that games “back in the day” took a lot longer to beat, and to be sure, I still haven’t beaten the original Castlevania on my NES in over 22 years (it should also be said, however, that the game normally glitches out and freezes on the Grim Reaper battle in Level 5). In either case, I guess you could say I got my money’s worth.

I started thinking about this complaint as to why people can plow through games now in a relatively short amount of time, as opposed to the hours/days/weeks it took back in the NES and often 16-bit days. I remember quite well Read the rest of this entry

Vintage Gauntlet Commercial.

Never mind the awkward 5 second silence at the end, this reminds me of the old classic Dungeons & Dragons fare:

I kind of miss commercials like this for video games. They always made the game seem more epic in scale on its own merit instead of “And here’s another one”.

Pinball Hall of Fame on Xbox 360.

Long time readers of my blog know that I generally will not shut up in extolling the virtues of Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection on the Wii. While oddly not a mentioned game on the Nintendo Channel, it’s one of the titles that gets the most play time on my Wii.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the game on the 360 today.

Bear in mind that I’ve heard nothing about this version, other than it was rumored months ago, and then all talk of the title dried up to the point where I had assumed it had become vaporware. So when I saw it on the shelf at a budget price with three new boards, I wasted no time in grabbing the title.

So what’s the difference? More detailed graphics, the new boards (Medieval Madness, Tales of the Arabian Nights and No Good Gophers) are quite simply awesome, online leaderboards and the standard achievements. I do miss the motion controls of the Wii version for tilting, as that version is one of the titles that actually uses it motion controls in a sensible manner, but the physics on the 360 version are still quite solid, and the Read the rest of this entry

New Affiliate Banner.

I’ve had some people ask for a banner from me, so I put together a new one for people to use:

Remember: Only use this banner for good, or for awesome.

Thoughts On The PSP.

To be honest, I have something of a love/hate relationship with my PSP.

I appreciate the screen clarity, the selection and support of companies like Square-Enix and Capcom, the online radio, the ability to watch movies, and the online store, but I can’t help but feel as if something is lacking for the little system.

Of course, there’s the fact that the system gets very little support. For this year alone, I’ve picked up Dissidia, and if LittleBigPlanet turns out to be a UMD, I’ll pick that one up as well.

If you want to see the negative effect that piracy has on the gaming industry, you need to look no further than the PSP. I have seen some remarkable homebrew applications, as well as how easy it is to copy games and movies. But such “cleverness” has come with a price, and Sony’s decision to stop the piracy essentially punishes long-time supporters.

Most developers have long stopped producing new games for the PSP, and the UMD movies already came to a screeching halt a few years ago. The rampant piracy is undoubtedly the reason for the creation of the PSPgo, the new all-digital download version of the system, Read the rest of this entry

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