I actually have a cold today, so I’m in bed typing this. 110 degree weather and a fever do not mix, I can testify to that.

If you’ve kept up with my gaming habits, you know that I am more than a little fond of my DS Lite. I take it with me on every roadtrip, I’ll play it in lines, waiting rooms, wherever. I think as far as Nintendo product is concerned, it’s their most “pure” gaming experience right now, even if I was something of a late adopter, holding out for the DS Lite.

I don’t get the DSi.

Don’t misunderstand me. I get the new features, and media options, and how it has some online, SD Card support and a download store. What I don’t get is why anyone could justify purchasing one right now.

If they are going to make a newer and more high-powered system, how could they release the system without any “showcase” titles? Are the new features the “showcase”, and that’s it? It’s supposed to provide better graphics, potentially more gameplay features and everything else, but I’ve yet to see any of this.

Not one retail DS game, now or announced, makes use of any of these so-called “enhanced” features. At the end of the Game Boy Color’s life sycle, we saw a few games that were enhanced if played on the then-new Game Boy Advance. I believe Shantae was one of those titles. But there’s nothing like that now.

I still play some Game Boy Advance titles from time to time, so the cartridge slot was important to me. Not to mention for add on features such as the rumble cart, and I did pick up the first Guitar Hero DS title before Activision over-saturated the platform as well. There are still accessories being made for the cartridge slot. Maybe in this day and age of backward compatibility, I’m not a big fan of rendering some games and features obsolete.

There’s also the download store, which has not really provided its own “killer app”, unless you are all about buying Mario and Animal Crossing clocks and calculators. Oregon Trail is said to come to the serivce (if it’s going to be like the iPhone app, it will be excellent), and some rumors of the Lucasart’s adventure games, which would be a very natural fit. There’s also some nods to the Game & Watch series… in Japan. But where is the DSi’s version of the Virtual Console? Even barring that, and focusing on the original downloadable content, where is the support?

Even Nintendo’s E3 this year, while a substantial improvement over the previous year, there was no mention of any DSi exclusive content or product coming down the pipeline. The point can be argued that it takes time to create good games, and to that I agree, but shouldn’t they have produced some games for the actual system’s release? The Legendary Starfy and Rhythm Heaven don’t support any of the new features. Will the new Professor Layton or Fossil Fighters (you know, that dinosaur game Nintendo forgot to really ever mention) have anything to show for it?

It’s not as though the system releasing this year would be this shockingly unexpected announcement that no one internally at Nintendo would be prepared for. The system was released in April of this year. With all of its new features, bells and whistles, Nintendo seems to have forgotten one major selling point: An incentive for the consumer to upgrade over the previous standard DS.

My current DS Lite still remains just fine and up to date, thanks. Considering Nintendo’s current “no show” software library for their upgrade, they apparently feel the same way.

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