I read a few weeks back that Lucasarts was putting out a sequel to LEGO Indiana Jones. Inevitably, I knew this would mean touching upon Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Crystal Skull was not my favorite Indy film. It was goofy, way too CG laden, and I just don’t share the man-crush that Spielberg has for Shia LeBouf. At least the game would have the benefit of said goofiness being intentional in this rendition of the story.

But there’s no way that Crystal Skull could make up the whole game, and I doubt they can whip two new movies out of thin air, unless they wanted to touch upon The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Sadly, that’s not the case.

The rest of the game’s content looks to touch upon area of the original trilogy not covered before (which I thought the first game was fairly comprehensive). And then they mentioned the feature that has pushed this title into a “curiously interested” factor.

A level editor.

The concept seems novel, and really, it’s one of the few “new” areas that they actually have left for the LEGO adventure games. It could be fun, but then there is one application that could be made from this.

Use the level creator to recreate an updated version of the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom arcade game.

Save kids, swing across chasms, beat up Thuggee guards, whip snakes, meaner mine cart rides, random fights with Mola Ram…. The idea has merit.

Ignore the guy talking. It was either this, or people who blare techno music over the gameplay, which I guess makes all the footage “theirs” by doing so.

Who’s up for this idea?

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