I wanted to do this feature a while back, and just never got around to it. But I’ve finally decided to “get on the horse”, and other related productive cliches.

The whole purpose of this feature is to touch upon the “weird” arcade games out there. The 1980’s were known for a bizarre number of games based off any given subject. Some worked, while others really make one wonder what crazy trip a programmer’s mind went on to create some of these ideas.

Regardless, it should be an interesting history lesson for my readers not part of the arcade scene, while for others, you can shake your head and go “What the” all over again.

To start with the first edition, I bring you….

Disco No. 1 ( Nihon Bussan/AV Japan or Data East)

The game was similar to Qix, in that your main character (a dancing guy on roller skates) went around the discotheque in an attempt to create completed the boxes. The bigger the box, the higher the points. But in this game, it was also important to trap the female dancers in said boxes (who look like they are convulsing profusely, and not so much shakin’ their groove thang). Trap a girl, get some points and a larger picture of said girl trapped in your Phantom Zone-esque prison.

All is not well at the pseudo Studio 54, however, as there is a janitor who apparently hates roller kids trapping paying customers in giant boxes (especially on “Ladies Night”, when drinks are half-price). Said janitor/cleaning guy/maintenance custodian loses his damn mind, and hurriedly tries to erase your box. Obviously, he feels that a better chance to win a girl’s heart is to woo them rather than capture them, a stance that I myself am in agreement with.

There is also a rival paramour or pimp or whoever he is that is apparently trying to win the shaking ladies over. His methods are a little different, however, as he’s not so much trying to box them in as he’s more interested in beating the living fool out of you if he touches you. And he’s the sort of fellow who looks to enjoy a good “fool beating”. You can trap him in a box as well. What you do with him is up to you, but I’m calling it out now, you pervert.

Obviously, I’m making light of the game, but it’s a genuinely weird title, as evidenced by the gameplay:

I’ve played this one through MAME, and it’s playable, but not a great game. But it didn’t stop from staging a competition with friends and getting the high score. What true satisfaction this will earn me in life is debatable.

Here is Wikipedia’s entry, with some sparse information.

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