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A Simple Math Equation.

Rock Band + New DLC of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” = AWESOME!

(But I still hate baseball cards.)

The Other Side Of The Nintendo Coin.

While in my previous entry, I expressed some of my recent issues with Nintendo’s tactics, my thoughts focused more on the “political” aspects of NoA, and not the actual system. After posting the last entry, I thought about what the Wii has been better with.

Most prominently is the SD storage solution. This was one of my biggest complaints regarding the Wii, and now that it’s been addressed, it really does open up the Wii, making it feel like a much bigger and more powerful system. And even if that’s merely a matter of personal perception, having a sub-menu that allows me to browse all of my titles and channels which have been deleted and unused for months, it makes the Wii experience seem more complete. Now if they’d just get rid of those damned “Friend Codes”….

The downloadable content has opened up more. The Virtual Console has seen the addition of Commodore 64 and arcade titles, which adds several hundred (or thousand) more titles available for potential download. Of course, this seems to have done nothing to loosen the snail’s pace trickle of titles released per week (and who knows if DSi titles are going to Read the rest of this entry

Back Again. And Playing Wii.

I took a small break there. Things have been keeping me busy, though I’ve been gaming more than writing about it.

I completed Metroid Prime 3, finally. It was bothering me as I never finished it and couldn’t remember why. When I played it, my memory was jogged. It was that stupid “fetch quest” marathon of collecting all of those energy cells towards the end of the game. I don’t like side quests that force you to break off from the main narrative. If they are optional, I can always go explore more of the game, and get more playability at my leisure. When it stops the steady pace of the game’s progression, it’s problematic. But I trudged through, and got them all, then came to the surprise realization of how close I actually was to finishing the game. I could have completed the game months ago, but lost interest due to that. A shame, really. The game really is one of the best titles on the Wii, as well as one of the best examples of how to implement the Wii Remote properly for gameplay.

Speaking of making good use of Read the rest of this entry

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