I got back a few days ago from Disney World in Orlando. It’s taking me a few days to readjust from the three hour time change, but it was worth it. I even did get a bit of gaming time in at DisneyQuest as they have an entire floor devoted to classic arcade games. I cleaned up the high score list on Q*Bert, and got to play Marble Madness with its natural trackball, which plays way differently from all of those console analog sticks.

Back home, I’ve had a busy gaming week, namely House of the Dead: Overkill and Street Fighter IV. Overkill heavily takes its cue from the grindhouse films with over the top violence, guns, profanity, and some other crazy stuff that made my jaw drop in shock (the ending for one, is something I may need a support group for). The game, however, is very tongue in cheek with its gross-out shock values, and the majority of the result is very funny, with some hilarious one-liners. The game is full of presentation, style and personality, and is one of the more fun Wii games out there right now, but do NOT play this one around the little ones. As Detective Washington would say: “That’s some messed up shit right there.” And that’s one of the lighter lines.

And then there’s Street Fighter IV. What can you say, really? It’s Street Fighter. With 3D. But it plays perfectly 2D. The formula doesn’t stray that much from its source material, but damn, it sure looks pretty in doing so, and it controls like a dream. I will say that during single player, I do hate the computer controlled Zangief, as he actually seems harder than the final boss, which is confusing as to why a regular fighter in the roster is more powerful than say, anyone else.

Previously, I also said I would cover Resident Evil: Degeneration in a recent post. While the film is set after 4, it feels like more of a continuation of Resident Evil 2. I’ve noticed that a lot of critics hate on these films because of their “nonsensical” plots, but I also don’t think they bothered playing games that are over 10 years old, either (this also goes for the Final Fantasy VII movie). Basically, if you’ve played the games that these films were based on, you’ll find more to appreciate. Degeneration feels like one long cut scene that wouldn’t be out of place in one of the games (well, more the games that actually had something to do with ZOMBIES). The animation is usually pretty good, some achieving photorealism, and life-like character expressions, but at other times, they also get mannequin faces that look eerily vacant. Animators can usually convey emotion and life through the eyes, and when it’s not done, then the end result is obvious.

But the film is entertaining enough as its own entity, and the opening segment is true to Resident Evil‘s form, as is the final battle. Just be prepared for a lot of talking and exposition in the middle of the film, which may disappoint those wanting non-stop action from beginning to end.

I’ll get more back to form in the next few days. The time off was nice, and I certainly had fun (minus a little bit of a sunburn and a waterslide backside tanning that I got), but for now, I may tournament some more SFIV today.

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