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Back From Vacation.

I got back a few days ago from Disney World in Orlando. It’s taking me a few days to readjust from the three hour time change, but it was worth it. I even did get a bit of gaming time in at DisneyQuest as they have an entire floor devoted to classic arcade games. I cleaned up the high score list on Q*Bert, and got to play Marble Madness with its natural trackball, which plays way differently from all of those console analog sticks.

Back home, I’ve had a busy gaming week, namely House of the Dead: Overkill and Street Fighter IV. Overkill heavily takes its cue from the grindhouse films with over the top violence, guns, profanity, and some other crazy stuff that made my jaw drop in shock (the ending for one, is something I may need a support group for). The game, however, is very tongue in cheek with its gross-out shock values, and the majority of the result is very funny, with some hilarious one-liners. The game is full of presentation, style and personality, and is one of the more fun Wii games out there right now, but do NOT play this Read the rest of this entry

On Vacation.

Well, I had planned to do a post or two before I left, but vacation time caught up early to me.

I’m flying out to Orlando tonight for a week long vacation at Disney World, and I don’t know how chatty I’ll be ‘Net wise. But if it’s any consolation on the gaming front, I’ll definitely go to Disney Quest and indulge myself on their floor of nothing but retro arcade games. Good times? Oh good Lord, good times indeed.

When I get back, I’ll share my thoughts on Resident Evil: Degeneration, the prospect of Murumasa: The Demon Blade, and finding out that Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis will be included on the new Wii title. I picked up a Lucasarts book (Rogue Leaders: The Story of Lucasarts), which covers the beginnings of Lucasarts up to 2008, and if you’re a fan of the company, it’s a highly enjoyable read.

At any rate, I have more packing to do so see you in a little over a week!

– Guy

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